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What is application blocking? Why you need it.

How do the criminals take control of computers? How does a crypto attack happen? In the majority of cases, an unauthorised program has been allowed to run. Application blocking prevents unauthorised applications running. It is the single most important protection for your computer system.

For many years, Matrix Solutions has been using application blocking (sometimes called application whitelisting) to protect our private Cloud infrastructure from crypto attacks. No unauthorised applications can be installed or run on our server environment. Users must contact an IT administrator to request the installation of a new or updated application. Yes, there is an administrative overhead. But it is relatively small compared to the enormous disruption caused by a crypto attack.

But what about company computers? Using Microsoft technologies such as Azure AD and InTune we are able to enforce application blocking on all company computers. With this technology in place users are protected, even if they do inadvertently access a malicious email or website. The malicious software will not be able to run.

Better still, this same technology can be used to enforce other important cybersecurity protections like complex passwords and screen saver timeouts. Interested in protecting your local computer environment? Talk to us about inexpensive technology that will protect your computers so you can get on with what you do best.

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Matrix Solutions provides tailored managed IT services to professional firms. In addition, the company specialises in installation and support of NetDocuments and Worldox Document Management software. Matrix Solutions hosts the BigHand Professional product in our Sydney datacentre. For more information about Matrix Solutions visit us at contact us today.

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