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Terms and Conditions

Title to any goods supplied by Matrix Solutions to the client shall remain with Matrix Solutions until the total amount due for the goods and all other monies owing to Matrix Solutions have been paid in full. All hardware and software payable at time of order.

Matrix Solutions resells hardware and software from a variety of suppliers. We do not offer a Matrix Solutions warranty. Hardware sold is covered by manufacturers’ warranty. In some cases the warranty period will have been stated on the quote. In other cases, the warranty period will be stated on documentation that comes with the goods. If a client is unsure of the warranty period or status for their goods we will gladly obtain and supply this information.

If goods are found to be faulty within the period of the manufacturers’ warranty we will assist the client in obtaining repairs under the warranty. We may charge for the time we spend organising warranty repairs.

Software sold is covered by a manufacturers’ license agreement. We can provide no warranty on software products or any software faults that are found.

The client will be responsible for securing their data located on home computers or desktops using some form of backup. Matrix Solutions will not be responsible for any data loss.

Unless alternate arrangements have been made, all invoices for services are payable 14 days from date of invoice.

This statement does not affect any terms, conditions or warranties implied by law.

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