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For any confidential document and email management in the cloud since 1999. Find out why organisations are implementing the power and simplicity of NetDocuments anytime, anywhere service.

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Matrix Solutions - netDocuments

What is NetDocuments?

Matrix Solutions - netDocuments

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document management platform that lets small to large organisations access documents from any device and anywhere. It helps to streamline workflows, thus increasing productivity and eliminating manual and repetitive tasks.

In October 2022, NetDocuments acquired Worldox, a document management solutions company. 

See how NetDocuments exceed Worldox on NetDocuments vs Worldox.

Matrix Solutions Now a NetDocuments Platinum Partner

Matrix Solutions was recently honoured as a NetDocuments Platinum Partner based on sales performance earnings, maintaining multiple NetDocuments certifications, and achieving high customer satisfaction scores. Know the benefits of how our platinum status benefits you.

  • A single charge that covers licensing and support
  • No more in-house server hardware and administration
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Expert, dedicated, around-the-clock support
  • All your data in a secure location
  • Disaster recovery & planning
NetDocuments- Platinum Partner, Sales Expert, Trainer, Implementation Expert, Migration Expert

Core Features of NetDocuments

Find out the powerful features that come with NetDocuments:

A central repository for all documents

NetDocuments lets users create a central repository for all of their documents, making it easy to find and access them from any location.

Integrated security

NetDocuments offers integrated security features, including password protection and data encryption, to help keep users’ documents safe and secure.

Version control

NetDocuments provides version control features, which allow users to track and manage different versions of their documents.

Search and Indexing

NetDocuments offers search and indexing features, which make it easy to find documents based on keywords or other criteria.

Workflow management

NetDocuments has workflow management features, which allow users to track and manage the progress of their documents through the different stages of the document lifecycle.

Data Loss Prevention

NetDocuments comes with a DLP feature that helps you classify content, create and enforce policies to control user actions, and prevent documents from leaving the security of your NetDocuments system in a few clicks.

Benefits of NetDocuments

  • Secure and Protect Your Data

    NetDocuments ensures the security of your data, safeguarding it from unauthorised access and data breaches, giving you peace of mind.

  • Create Documents Faster

    With NetDocuments, document creation becomes more efficient and streamlined, allowing you to produce documents quickly and easily.

  • Access Everything from Anywhere

    You can access your documents and data from any location, providing flexibility and convenience for remote work and collaboration.

  • Keep Your Operations Organised and Clients Happy

    NetDocuments helps you maintain a well-organised workflow, ultimately leading to satisfied clients and improved business operations.

NetDocuments Comparison With Other Document Management System

Find out why NetDocuments is Superior to other document management systems; see what Content Services Platforms NetDocuments users also considered in their purchasing decisions.

Check out Document Management Systems Comparison to see how NetDocuments compares to its competitors.

Why Choose Matrix Solutions for NetDocuments?​

Matrix Solutions has been providing NetDocuments Services since 2003.

The world of information technology adds immense value to organisations today. Most industries are on digital platforms, a great platform to brand your firm or generate sales. But as useful as it is, technology can sometimes become complicated, especially for those without a background in IT.

That’s where Matrix Solutions comes in handy. We provide excellent solutions to all of your IT problems. Our experts make things easier with their IT guidance for your firm’s digital propositions.

We understand that different people have different expertise. Our strength is that we are tech-savvy and use our knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve a quality online presence. Let IT experts at Matrix Solutions take care of all your IT needs and requirements. Let us simplify and secure technology for your firm. Contact Us for more information.

Let us take over responsibility for your IT requirements.

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Still Trying to Figure Out How to Begin? Learn from Our Free NetDocuments User Guide

Our NetDocuments user guide answers your essential questions and breaks down the features most important to your business so you can buy with confidence.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

The team at Matrix Solutions have been an integral part of our success over the past two decades. It’s like having an enterprise level IT department in the next room.
Cas Antunes
Director: Antunes Lawyers
Since 2008, we have relied on the team at Matrix Solutions to handle all of our IT needs. The MatrixCloud hosted desktop has allowed us to work from anywhere without interruption
John Quinn
Principal: John R Quinn & Co.
The team at Matrix Solutions have a great understanding of the technical requirements of a law firm. Their prompt service and communication delivers to our firm a valued advantage.
Leanne Warren
Principal: Leanne Warren & Associates.

Our Expertise

We’re really good at what we do! Whether you own a law firm, an insurance company, a real estate business, or the financial industry, we’ve got the expertise to make things work better for you.

With a track record of success, Matrix Solutions excels in the following sectors:

Provides Services to Law Firms

With our Managed IT Services for Law Firms, we guarantee the accessibility and security of your data, the reliability of your network, and your ability to focus on practising law rather than IT management. We’re here to support your legal professionals’ success.

Provides Services to Insurance Companies

Our Managed IT Services for Insurance Companies prioritise data security, compliance, and customer-centric solutions for your insurance company’s smooth operations and deliver the best service.

Provides Services to Real Estate

Our Managed IT Services For Real Estate services support your endeavours by providing efficient document management, data security, workflow optimisation, and cost savings.

Provides Services to Financial Industries

Trust us for our Managed IT Services For Financial Industries to gain cost-efficiency and scalability to support your growth and success in the financial sector.

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FAQs On NetDocuments

The pricing for NetDocuments can vary based on factors such as the organisation’s size, the number of users, and the specific features and services. For the current pricing details and relevant considerations, you can contact Matrix Solutions directly.

However, for law firms, you can visit this blog for NetDocuments pricing in detail.

Yes, NetDocuments works smoothly with your current Business Management software.

Let us know about your business; we will make it easy for you to do your best work.

Yes, NetDocuments is super easy for lawyers. It offers Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that enables law firms to make all their documents searchable within the system.

There are 78,000 registered NetDocuments users.

From small to large organisations in over 146 countries worldwide, NetDocuments features ensure strong data security and robust protection for digital assets, especially valuable for law firms and other industries.

As per NetDocuments, it has recorded the Biggest Q2 Result in Company History.

With a track record of overseeing more than 10 billion files for over 2,850 global customer firms, NetDocuments has set its position as the foundation of remote work technology infrastructure for both law firms and corporations.

Follow the steps to install NetDocuments on a Windows Computer.

Step 1: Restart your computer.

Step 2: Install ndOffice:

Step 3: Install ndMail:

Step 4: Run the batch correct batch file:

Step 5: Restart your computer.

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