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“We considered a number of document management systems but Worldox GX4 provided better integration with our existing practice management system. Worldox and the team at Matrix Solutions came highly recommended by our peers in the industry.”
Martin Alfonso, Director, E & A Lawyers
“We recognised that to stay competitive we needed to refine our systems and move away from paper. We want to be able to interact quickly with our clients, peers and the courts. We believe this technology will speed up our processes.”
Leanne Alfonso, Office Manager, E & A Lawyers
“Worldox GX4 was a natural fit with our existing applications. [...] We were looking for a solution that built on what we had but made it faster to work with our data. The ability to text search as well as the seamless integration with all of our email was a real stand out.”
Arthur Fogarty, Director, Lamrocks Solicitors
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