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Let Matrix Solutions be your Cybersecurity partner​

cyber security

Businesses must protect their data from growing threats of loss and tampering. A dedicated group of certified cyber security experts at Matrix Solutions closely monitors any lingering cyber threat. We continuously offer our clients quality services such as endpoint security, threat detection, network security, and data protection. Our team of experts guarantees information confidentiality, integrity, and availability with industry-leading skills to prevent, detect, and promptly respond to malicious cyber threats.

cyber security
Managed Security Services

The Importance of Cybersecurity​

Managed Security Services

In general terms, cyber security defends computers, servers, data, electronic systems, mobile devices, and networks from malicious attacks.

Businesses must safeguard their data against the ever-growing threat of loss and tampering. Cybersecurity has important roots to it like security of sensitive data, protected health and law-abiding information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, personal to government and business information, all of these are included under it. 

The populus might be stripped of several websites and web-applications if cyber security specialists refused to distribute their services. This could drastically decrease sales or potential market exposure for several businesses aiming for a wider marketplace.

Potential Consequences of a Cyberattack for Businesses and Individuals​

A cybercriminal might aim to take out loans, incur credit, accumulate debt, or monitor a person through identity theft. They can easily do all that and vanish without any trace online and offline. For the victim, it may cost their life and years of rehabilitation.

These criminals could also easily get into a company’s system;

  • Seed malicious bugs
  • Block access to important business documents
  • Potentially violate the confidentiality of important data
  • Exploit the inside information
  • Disrupt organizational operations
  • Occur reputational damage
  • Bleed revenue
  • Steal intellectual property
  • Permanently delete valuable data

It may incur more than just losses but permanent damage to the firm’s reputation in the market.

Benefits of Partnering With Matrix Solutions for Cybersecurity

Tailored Solutions to Fit The Unique Needs of Each Business

We understand that every business has its personal needs and requirements, so we aim to provide tailored solutions to fit the unique needs of each business. Understanding and analysing the most by our research, our developers are proficient in delivering what our clients ask.

Proactive Approach to Detect Threats​

The developers at Matrix Solutions proactively hunt for cyber threats before any security incidents are uncovered. Identifying unknown threats helps to improve the speed of response and reduces the investigation period after a cyber accident. It immensely helps to fortify the cyber defence system of your company.

Experienced and Certified Cybersecurity Professionals​

Matrix Solutions has carefully selected and trained several experienced cybersecurity professionals these past decades. We routinely make sure that the quality of our services is top-notch.

Regular Security Audits and Assessments

Offering security audits, we thoroughly investigate your company’s security system and IT infrastructure. The parallel assessment of your company’s security practices with current industry standards and federal regulations is a fruitful way of analysing one’s competency. Our security audits also advise you on the areas that need correction or refinement.

Experienced and Certified Cybersecurity Professionals​

Matrix Solutions comprises dedicated professionals with both academic and practical knowledge in cybersecurity. Preferring quality over quantity, we have acquired a team of experts in their respective fields. Which, in return, propelled us astronomically in the Information Technology field and the risk it involves.

Proven Track Record

Matrix Solutions have provided cyber security consulting services for decades and distinctly understands the importance of cyber security in this ever-changing digital age. We have frequently worked to look after and safely organise data from diverse legal and finance sectors to numerous small-scale to high-scale businesses.

Why Choose Matrix Solutions For Your Cyber Security?

Matrix Solutions has been providing Cyber Security Services since 2003.

The three-decades-long history of the Australian IT company Matrix Solutions shows its dominance as a leader in Cyber Security Services. With time, we have been working forward to become a reliable existence in the ever-growing IT space. 

In addition, specialising in our services for legal and finance industries, Matrix Solutions strives to provide tailored hosted desktop and upgraded network IT management solutions. Our developers also take pride in their expertise in NetDocuments and Worldox document management software installation and support. 

Taking the context of cyber security, Matrix Solutions has a dedicated team of certified cyber security experts rigorously monitoring any lingering threat in cyberspace. Throughout our long journey, we have continuously provided services like network security, data protection, threat detection, endpoint security, and many more for our clients.

Let us take over responsibility for your Cyber Security requirements.

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Cybersecurity FAQs:

The highly-confidential information law firms possess works much like lures for cybercriminals. Law firms are the most prone to cyber-attacks. Especially if one does not have robust protection, they will eventually face data breaches. Cybersecurity for lawyers should be reliable enough for them to focus on data collection rather than data restoration.

IT covers a vast service area, and IT cybersecurity is just a subcategory from its immense pool of branches. Although the word security comes in, it does not involve the physical security of location or devices. Instead, cybersecurity mainly dwells on data protection and security, specifically its whereabouts and the level of security it requires.

With the ever-increasing cases of severe cybercrimes, strong cybersecurity will be more crucial for anyone. Individuals, governments, companies, not-for-profit organisations, and cybersecurity for law firms to educational institutions are seen chasing such services due to continuous cyberattacks.

Internet security stands as the most noticed strand of cybersecurity worldwide. The services mostly dive into threats that dwell openly on the internet and risks that come with web browsers, web apps, websites and networks. This service’s main focus is to protect corporations and users from malicious threats that come with internet usage.

Cyber security solutions develop technological tools and services to protect clients from unknown cyber-attacks. These threats can easily channel theft of sensitive data, application downtime, reputation loss, ransomware, and other discrete repercussions. However, the importance of cyber security can only be seen through a proper security assessment.

In a nutshell, Network Security is all about total control over one’s internet usage. It covers areas of virus and antivirus software, network analytics and security, application security, VPN encryption, firewalls, and many more channels of network risks.

Corporations that are consciously worried about the security of their services and data mostly use information security services to protect themselves. Information Security Service (ISS) understands the need for current security requirements and is committed to addressing and fixing the ever-changing threats and risks.

Amidst the branches of network security solutions, some systems are developed to detect and analyse attacks in progress quickly. These systems detect network anomalies before any real damage to a network occurs and offer the required cybersecurity solution. Network security solutions also help companies identify lags, bugs, and hardware and software issues.

Cyber security solutions’ costs vary according to the client’s needs and requirements. For example, our team will conduct a cyber security risk assessment and analysis and develop a plan or package that fits the client accordingly.

Law firms fall under a few of the most vulnerable organisations against cyber risks. From July to December 2020, law firms were one of the top 5 subjects to report an eligible breach, and this only keeps on increasing. The failure to address cyber security risks mostly comes from negligence, lack of proper information and expertise, lack of time and workforce to focus on cyberspace, and so on. Although the probability of being targeted is immense, several known ways to be prepared for cybersecurity risks exist.

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