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Matrix Solutions Wins Prestigious 2023 NetDocuments APAC Implementation Partner of the Year Award.

Matrix Solutions Wins Prestigious 2023 NetDocuments Inspire Award

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NetDocuments, the world’s #1 trusted cloud platform where legal professionals do their best work, today announced the winners of the 2023 Inspire Partner Awards as part its annual Inspire 2023 – Partner Day & Inspire 2023 – User conference. The Awards recognise NetDocuments partners for their ability to deliver extraordinary value to NetDocuments customers via innovative technology integrations, platform implementations, user training, and technology adoption work globally across all regions and business segments. Among partnered companies, Matrix Solutions has been recognized as a 2023 APAC Implementation Partner of the Year winner, showcasing their outstanding contributions and achievements in the field.

NetDocuments’ fourth annual Partner Awards recognised 5 “partners of the year” — companies spanning the ISV network, implementation providers, and international partner organisations in Asia Pacific, EMEA, and Latin America.

How Did Matrix Solutions Win the Award?

Matrix Solutions is honoured to have received the prestigious 2023 NetDocuments Inspire Award, underscoring our steadfast commitment to enhancing the NetDocuments experience for our valued clients. Our dedication to providing outstanding value through innovative technology integrations, user-focused training, and seamless platform implementations remains unparalleled. This recognition reaffirms our unwavering pursuit of excellence, propelling us to continuously revolutionise our workflows with cutting-edge solutions.

About the Inspire Award

The annual NetDocuments Inspire conference brings together a diverse community of legal industry leaders, experts, influencers, and peers for an opportunity to collectively share each other’s accomplishments, innovations, and anticipated needs for the future.

Inspire 2023 features educational and product-focused sessions on how AI is revolutionising legal workflows and the solutions you rely on every day; how NetDocuments is innovating with the Microsoft productivity tools legal professionals are already using, and how business can plan for the rapid pace of innovation and disruption in the legal tech space, now and in the future.

“The NetDocuments partner ecosystem is critical the company and our ability to deliver enduring value to our customers,” said Reza Parsia, VP, Strategic Partnerships, NetDocuments. “Our partners work tirelessly to ensure our mutual customers are able to deliver better service and continually innovate. This ‘will do’ attitude and relentless commitment to the success of our customers is what our ‘Partners of the Year’ winners prove on a daily basis.”

To learn more about the work being done at Matrix Solutions, visit our page.

About NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a leading cloud-based content management and productivity platform that helps legal professionals do their best work. Backed by over 20 years of experience in cloud innovation, NetDocuments offers a complete end-to-end platform for document and email organisation and management, including award-winning automation and research capabilities; robust security, collaboration, and search technologies; seamless integrations with other tools professionals use daily; and a suite of large language model AI-powered solutions with the security and guardrails to manage AI responsibly. NetDocuments supports over 7,000+ law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector entities globally. Learn more about NetDocuments.

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