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Maximise your cybersecurity with the professional team of experts at Matrix Solutions. Stay a step ahead in securing your data and network.

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In the rapidly advancing digital world, securing your business from cyber threats has become an absolute necessity. Matrix Solutions, a leading Managed IT services provider in Australia, excels in this domain. Renowned for its exceptional managed security services, Matrix Solutions is a service provider and the protector of your business’s digital well-being.

Managed Security Service by Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions is more than just a name in the industry dedicated to excellence in managed security. We offer a wide range of services tailored to the ever-changing digital prospect, and our team of experts guarantees protection to your business against various cyber threats. We represent the highest level of managed security services by utilising advanced technology and a proactive approach.

Matrix Solutions Australia Managed IT Security Services

We are Your Managed Security Partner

Matrix Solutions Australia Managed IT Security Services

Choosing Matrix Solutions as your managed security service provider is a strategic decision for any business. We don’t just provide services; we become your partner. With a thorough understanding of the transitional cyber threat perspective, Matrix Solutions creates customised security solutions that meet your requirements. This partnership ensures a tactical, flexible security strategy, ensuring you succeed in a constantly progressing digital world.

Protecting Your Business's Confidentiality with Managed IT Security Services

In an age where data is king and confidentiality is non-negotiable, Matrix Solutions excels in offering Managed IT Security Services that act as a fortress for your sensitive information. We understand the importance of data confidentiality and employ advanced security protocols to protect your data from evolving cyber threats. We are the unshakable guardians of your business’s most valuable assets.

Benefits of Choosing Matrix Solutions as your Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Constantly on guard for you

Choosing Matrix Solutions as your Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) means you will have more than basic security. It implies you will have a strategic partner who cares about your success and safety. We provide preemptive threat detection, fast response, and customised solutions to meet your business’s unique challenges. With Matrix Solutions, your security mode will evolve with the alternating cybersecurity prospect, ensuring your business’s future safety and security.

Expertise and Vigilance

Matrix Solutions is known for its expertise and end-to-end competence in managed security. Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, guaranteeing comprehensive protection of your business’s digital presence. We offer a wide range of services, from risk assessments to proactive security strategies, providing strong security in the digital scenario.

24/7 Protection and Peace of Mind

Matrix Solutions provides your business with constant protection against potential threats. Our 24/7 monitoring and quick response to any danger ensure you can focus on growing your business while we keep an eye on your digital frontiers. Our ‘always-on’ fortification gives you peace of mind, knowing your business is safe from potential harm.

Empowering Your Business Success

At the core of Matrix Solutions’ Managed Security Services is a promise: to empower your business success. Partnering with us means securing your business and fueling its resilience and growth. We have designed our security solutions to align with your business goals, making security an enabler of success.

cloud service laptop

Additional Benefits of Managed Security Services

cloud service laptop

The additional benefits of implementing Matrix Solutions’ Managed Security Services include:

Bridging the Cyber Security Skills Gap

Due to the progressive pace of cybersecurity, finding skilled professionals can be challenging for businesses. With new digital threats emerging constantly, you want assurance that your systems and data stay secure. Matrix Solutions is responding to this breach with its Managed Security Services, offering to bridge the gap in cybersecurity skills.

At Matrix Solutions, you can rely on a team of experienced professionals who deeply understand the complex network of cyber threats that businesses face in this digital age. We don’t just provide top-notch security services; we become an essential part of your team. Our expertise and collaborative approach fill the cybersecurity skills gap and equip you with a dedicated, skilled team that works closely with your staff.

Strategic Cyber Security and Data Integrity Approaches

Keeping your business’s digital assets safe from cyber threats is important nowadays. At Matrix Solutions, we know how crucial it is to protect your valuable data proactively and strategically. Our team uses advanced technology and best practices to strengthen your defences against cyber attacks, giving you peace of mind in the constantly changing digital world.

Managed SIEM and SOC

Matrix Solutions uses a powerful Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system and a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to monitor and detect potential security threats continuously in real-time. This proactive approach ensures immediate identification and address of potential security incidents, minimising any possible impact on your business.

Vulnerability Management

At Matrix Solutions, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities is critical to our strategy. We offer comprehensive vulnerability assessments and management services to ensure your digital infrastructure is resilient against potential exploits. By taking a proactive stance, we can help reduce the risk of cyber threats compromising your business’s data integrity.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Matrix Solutions utilises advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions to strengthen individual devices within your network. By closely monitoring and responding to any suspicious activities at the endpoint level, Matrix Solutions enhances the overall security of your business, protecting it against potential breaches.

Threat Intelligence

Matrix Solutions prioritises avoiding potential cyber threats by utilising real-time threat intelligence. Matrix Solutions provides your business with timely and relevant information through constant monitoring and analysis of emerging threats, which can help enhance security measures and proactively guard against potential cyber-attacks.

Network Security

Matrix Solutions recognises the importance of having a robust plan to secure your network. We employ sophisticated techniques such as powerful firewalls, unauthorised access detection systems, and secure network configurations. By doing this, we ensure that your business’s network remains safe and sturdy, providing a strong foundation for your digital operations.

Secure SD-WAN

Matrix Solutions is a leading provider of advanced and secure business networking solutions. Our Secure Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technology makes networks more efficient and safe. Our solutions can greatly benefit companies by improving network performance and enhancing defences against cyber threats.

ACSC's Essential Eight as a Service

Matrix Solutions adheres to the Essential Eight strategies recommended by the Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC). Our comprehensive service covers strategies such as application safe listing, application updates, and configuration of Microsoft Office macro settings. This approach helps to enhance your business’s cyber security significantly and competently.

Comprehensive Services for Your Business

At Matrix Solutions, we are committed to providing comprehensive technical support to meet your business needs. We take a holistic approach to ensure the security of your online presence and safeguard your business against potential threats.

Detect and Respond to Threat

At Matrix Solutions, we act as vigilant guardians against online threats, using cutting-edge technology to keep a watchful eye 24/7. Our team quickly spots and resolves potential dangers, ensuring your business runs smoothly without any hiccups.

Managed Cloud Security Operations

In the world of cloud computing, ensuring the safety of your digital assets is essential. Matrix Solutions is a reliable provider that specialises in securing cloud data. Our tailored solutions guarantee that your business can benefit from the advantages of the cloud without compromising safety.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

At Matrix Solutions, we prioritise proactive vulnerability management. We carefully assess threats and weaknesses and take steps to strengthen and protect your digital infrastructure from possible security risks.

Digital Identity as a Service (DIaaS)

At Matrix Solutions, we recognise the significance of digital identity for modern-day businesses. Therefore, we have created our Digital Identity as a Service (DIaaS) to guarantee secure and efficient management of digital identities. This service reduces the chances of unauthorised access and shields against identity-related cyber threats.

Privacy as a Service (Protiviti PraaS™)

In today’s world, where there are many rules and regulations, it is crucial to keep your information private. At Matrix Solutions, we offer Privacy as a Service (Protiviti PraaS™) that can help ensure your business complies with privacy regulations and keeps your sensitive data secure. Our active privacy management approach adds an extra layer of protection to your digital assets.

Asset Management as-a-Service

Managing your digital assets is crucial for keeping them safe. With Matrix Solutions, you can now avail yourself of Asset Management as a Service. This all-inclusive package helps you organise, monitor, and secure your digital content from start to finish.

Security Operations Centre

Matrix Solutions has a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our dedicated team monitors and responds to security issues in real-time. Consider the SOC the central hub of our security operations, working tirelessly to protect your business against new and advanced cyber threats.

Cyber Awareness, Education and Training

We prioritise cyber awareness, education, and training. Our programs develop a culture of cybersecurity vigilance within your team, equipping them to effectively recognise and address potential threats.

Data Protection Guidance

For expertise in data protection, Matrix Solutions is the right choice. We securely manage, store, and transmit your critical data in compliance with the latest data protection regulations.

Australia’s Trusted Managed IT Security and Managed IT Services Partner

Matrix Solutions has been providing Managed Security Services since 2003 and is known for its trustworthy services that ensure the safety of clients’ networks. With over two decades of experience, we understand the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and continuously work towards enhancing the security measures we offer.

Our team comprises certified cybersecurity specialists who remain vigilant against the latest threats. Our state-of-the-art Security Operation Centers (SOC) are operational 24/7 and leverage advanced technologies and protocols to protect client networks.

Trust us to manage your security needs. We offer a full range of services to ensure your digital safety, which includes:

Let us take over responsibility for your Managed Security requirements.

Eliminate Existing Security Issues with Matrix Solutions

At Matrix Solutions, we specialise in creating personalised solutions to address your security concerns and shield you from current threats. Our dedicated team thoroughly examines the causes of security issues, devising a targeted plan for effective resolution. Using cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, we swiftly implement solutions that address immediate challenges and equip your team with the knowledge and tools to uphold a strong security posture in the future. With Matrix Solutions by your side, your digital landscape becomes resilient to emerging threats, ensuring you navigate the online world confidently.

Our approach involves implementing solutions that constantly monitor, conduct penetration tests, manage cybersecurity risks, and assess vulnerabilities. It allows us to identify various cybersecurity issues, such as:

Reports gathered from scans can be presented in a number of internationally recognised compliance standards, such as ISO27001, SOX, and GDPR.

We structure our security offerings in line with the best practice Cybersecurity Framework Essential Eight (ACSC).

Let Matrix Solutions review your IT security maturity and implement security solutions that protect your data and employees.

Our Expertise

We’re really good at what we do! Whether you own a law firm, an insurance company, a real estate business, or the financial industry, we’ve got the expertise to make things work better for you with our Managed IT Services.

With a track record of success, Matrix Solutions excels in the following sectors:

Provides Services to Law Firms

Introducing Matrix Solutions, a provider of IT support services exclusively designed for legal professionals. Our Managed IT Services for Law Firms offer a comprehensive solution that addresses legal professionals’ unique needs and challenges. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and data security while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. At Matrix Solutions, we strive to be your trusted partner in navigating the digital landscape and safeguarding the integrity of your legal operations.

Provides Services to Insurance Companies

Matrix Solutions is at the forefront of providing Managed IT Services that cater to the thriving insurance industry. Our services address the unique needs of insurance companies, delivering strong security measures, optimising processes, enhancing data management, and ensuring compliance. With Matrix Solutions, insurance companies can thrive in the digital era while maintaining top-notch security and efficiency standards.

Provides Services to Real Estate

Matrix Solutions is a company that offers Managed IT Services customised for the real estate industry. We have specialised knowledge in this sector and provide services that cover everything from securely managing property data to ensuring smooth communication solutions. Our Real Estate services help businesses leverage technology’s potential while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of their sensitive real estate information.

Provides Services to Financial Industries

You need a trustworthy and smart IT system to understand the financial world. That’s where Matrix Solutions comes in. We specialise in providing customised Managed IT Services for the financial sector. Our services cover everything from ensuring security and compliance to improving operational efficiency. Financial institutions can confidently undertake digital transformation by partnering with Matrix Solutions, knowing their IT infrastructure is secure from potential threats.

Why Managed Security Services with Matrix Solutions?

Matrix Solutions has been providing Managed Security Services since 2003.

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving. So, Matrix Solutions, a market leader in managed security services for 2 decades now, is continually looking for ways to enhance the security of our client networks.

Matrix Solutions has a team of certified cyber security specialists continually monitoring the latest cybersecurity threats. We also have state-of-the-art Security Operation Centres (SOC) staffed 24x7x365. Our advanced Cyber Security Operations Centres use the latest security technologies and protocols to monitor and defend our client networks.

Let us take over responsibility for your Managed Security requirements.

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FAQs on Managed Security Services

Security services management involves planning, implementing, and overseeing activities to protect assets, people, and data from threats. It includes everything from assessing risks to responding to incidents.

Hiring a managed security service provider (MSSP) has a bunch of good reasons:

  • Expertise: You get round-the-clock access to cybersecurity experts who keep up with the latest threats.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You can save money on hiring and training your team and benefit from the cost advantages of economies of scale.
  • Constant monitoring: Enjoy 24/7 protection, even when it’s not regular office hours.
  • Faster response: Act fast and effectively against threats with dedicated incident response teams.
  • Compliance support: Ensure you follow all the complicated cybersecurity rules and regulations.

In a nutshell, MSSPs can boost your security without breaking the bank like building your in-house team would.

Picking the right managed service provider (MSP) involves 4 important steps:

  • Understand your needs: Determine what IT services you need, set a budget, and identify your security requirements.
  • Research and compare: Research different providers by considering their expertise, certifications, customer reviews, and pricing.
  • Ask the right questions: Ask about their experience in your industry, how proactive they are, the security measures they have in place, and the level of customer support they offer.
  • Check references and contracts: Talk to current clients to understand their experiences, and carefully review the service level agreements (SLAs) before making any commitments.

Remember that the best MSP for you will be the one that fits your specific business needs, providing a reliable, secure, and cost-effective partnership.

Managed security services can be a great financial help to businesses in various ways:

  • Cost Savings: Companies can reduce costs by outsourcing security expertise, infrastructure, and software, lowering capital and operational expenses.
  • Flexibility: These services can be customised to your specific needs, ensuring that you only pay for what you use and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Compliance Support: With professional assistance, managing complex regulations becomes easier, minimising fines and securing your business’s reputation.
  • Reduced Risk: Proactively detecting and responding to threats, these services minimise the risk of costly data breaches and downtime
  • Improved Efficiency: Addressing security concerns frees IT resources to enhance core functions and boost productivity.

In summary, managed security services offer a cost-effective way to enhance security, optimise resource allocation, and reduce financial risks. They are a wise investment for businesses of all sizes.

Certainly! Managed Security Services (MSS) can monitor your cloud setup, using their skills and tools to detect and address potential security issues before they become problematic.

The main thing that sets MSP (Managed Service Provider) and MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) apart is what they focus on:

  • MSP: Takes care of general IT tasks and infrastructure, such as fixing system issues, helping users, and backing up data.
  • MSSP: Specialises in cybersecurity, keeping an eye out for potential threats, dealing with incidents, and stopping attacks.

Imagine it this way: An MSP ensures your IT runs well, while an MSSP is like a digital guardian for your online security.

In today’s online world, security is a big deal. The threats are pretty tricky, and keeping an eye on them always needs some serious know-how. That’s where managed security services come in handy. Instead of handling it alone, you can hire experts to watch over your digital space. It’s not just a smart move; it’s also cost-effective. With more people working from home, the risk of cyberattacks and data leaks is higher, making these services crucial. They stop problems before they start and quickly respond if anything goes wrong. So, it’s not just an extra thing for your business—keeping everything safe and sound is necessary.

MSSPs help with compliance by:

  • Assessing your security posture: Identifying gaps and recommending controls to meet regulations.
  • Monitoring and detecting threats: Ensuring real-time protection against compliance violations.
  • Patching vulnerabilities: Updating your systems so you don’t accidentally break any rules.
  • Reporting and documentation: Proof that you follow the rules when someone checks.

In simple terms, MSSPs make it less complicated to follow the rules by providing knowledge, tools, and ongoing help to negotiate the tricky world of regulations.

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