Users are required to enroll prior to using the password reset utility. Please click here to enroll.

Click the following link to reset your password

Click Reset Password

Enter your Domain User Name.  This is the name you use to login to your MatrixCloud Desktop, (include the domain) e.g. mtrx\firstname.lastname

Then click Continue

reset your password- matrix solution

Select where you want to receive the verification code, and click Continue

Matrix Solutions- screenshot 2 for password reset process

You will receive an email (sent to your alternate email account) or sms with an Verification Code.

Enter this code on the webpage, then you will then be asked to enter in a new Password. This screen will also show you the Password Policy Requirements. These requirements must be met, otherwise it will not allow you to change your Password.

Matrix Solutions- screenshot-3 for password reset process

Once your new Password has been entered and you select Reset Password you should get the following screen and your Passwordhas been successfully reset.

Password reset successful

To download a copy of these instructions as a pdf click here