Worried about your cybersecurity?

Many of our clients contact us with concerns about cybersecurity. This is understandable given the current IT landscape. You can be certain that there are criminals out there looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Rather than worry, act. Let Matrix Solutions show you how technology can stop the attackers and let you sleep at night.

Are all the company computers running the latest patches? Is our firewall up to date? How do I stop crypto ware?

These are the typical questions we are asked. We don’t guess the answers. We take the guess work out of security by implementing best of breed utilities that are constantly searching for vulnerabilities and, if found, alerting our operations team.

For example, we use ManageEngine Desktop Central to control, schedule and monitor patching of servers and client computers.

Another example is CyberGuard which we use to scan for vulnerabilities and carry out penetration testing. This isn’t a one off test but 24/7 scanning and alerting.

These are inexpensive technologies that provide immediate cybersecurity benefits to our clients.

We want to be able to sleep at night as well! So if you have security concerns about your cybersecurity let us show you how technology can help put those concerns to rest.


About Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions provides tailored hosted desktop and network management solutions to professional firms. In addition, the company specialises in installation and support of Worldox Document Management software. Matrix Solutions hosts the BigHand Professional product in our Sydney datacentre. For more information about Matrix Solutions visit us at contact us today.