NetDocuments Vs Worldox: Which Document Management System is Right for Your Law Firm?

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Are you looking for a server-based or a web-based document management system? Do you need help choosing the right document management system for your firm? 

If you just answered yes! This blog article will guide you through picking the best document management system for your law firm.

With numerous options to choose from, we all need clarification when it comes to choosing the right doc management system for our firm. Since a doc management system is a must-have tool and not every one of them will fit your firm, we should always consider their advanced features. So, in this article, we’ll discuss two of today’s most popular Document Management Systems with their features so that you can decide which one is best suited for your firm.

Let’s get started:

What is NetDocuments?

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document management system specially designed for legal, accounting, and financial services. It is well-regarded in each industry, offering a reliable and secure way to find, manage, share, automate and collaborate documents from anywhere with the help of any device. In addition, it offers advanced features, including integration with several premise-based practice management solutions.

What is Worldox?

Regarding document management systems, Worldox offers cloud and on-premises solutions for your legal Industry. It is also the easiest and fastest way to access information from anywhere at any time in a few easy steps. Among the dozen document management systems, Worldox is trusted by many, as law firms have used it for over a decade.

NetDocuments and Worldox: Why are they important to a law firm?

By far, we are familiar with NetDocuments and Worldox. However, why do they play a critical role in the law firm? Let’s dive deeper into the importance of NetDocuments and Worldox to understand why they play an important role in the law firm industry.

Worldox and NetDocuments operate on two different platforms: server-based and cloud-based. They are designed to manage an organisation’s documents and come with various features. 

If we talk about NetDocuments, is a cloud-based database management system that stores all files and information in an off-site location. For that, it has a physical building somewhere else but stores your firm’s files electronically. As a result, users can access files and documents from anywhere at any time. 

Along with that, it comes with the following advanced features:

  1. Act as a central repository for all documents
  2. Integrated security
  3. Version control
  4. Search and indexing
  5. Prevention of data loss
  6. Workflow management

Understanding all the advanced features, If you are still wondering why to use NetDocuments for the law firm’s Industry? Well, the reasons behind it are explained below:

  1. NetDocuments are vital in storing and accessing your firm’s documents and data as it offers a safe cloud-based platform.
  2. NetDocuments is designed with advanced features, and as a result, it helps to maximise the company’s overall efficiency and production while removing the problem of data loss.
  3. NetDocuments offer a secure cloud-based solution to store and manage your firm’s documents.
  4. NetDocuments offers a wide range of solutions that maximise your firm efficiency and collaboration while providing easy-to-use features.
  5. NetDocuments complies with several firm rules that help businesses in a more efficient document and data management.

Similarly, Worldox is a server-based database management system that stores documents in a physical database connected to the server on the network. It is located inside the building of a firm and allows access to documents through the server. As a result, users can access documents from anywhere at any time in a few easy steps.

Moreover, it comes with the following advanced features:

  1. Library services
  2. Network support
  3. Security of document
  4. Document viewers
  5. Archiving
  6. Full-text retrieval
  7. Version control
  8. Document history 
  9. Access control

So, why use Worldox for the law firm’s Industry? Well, the reasons behind it are explained bellows:

  1. Worldox document security features help your firm to safeguard crucial documents and files from being misplaced or lost.
  2. As it is a server-based data management system, it saves your firm valuable time by avoiding the need to search & find papers, emails and crucial documents.
  3. There is no hidden cost, no upfront licence cost, and no cost upgrade. You need to only pay for what you use.
  4. Worldox is designed with advanced features and permits professionals to focus on high-priority work. As a result, it maximises your firm’s overall efficiency. 

NetDocuments Vs Worldox: Which Doc Management System is Right for Your Firm?

It could be overwhelming decision to choose which document management system is right for your firm. Lucky for you/on the bright side, they both are powerful tools to manage your documents as they are designed with advanced features to save your firm a substantial amount of time and effort. 

However, the welcoming fact of NetDocuments recently acquiring Worldox should minimise the worry. Traditionally, NetDocuments were used by and made for the medical, financial, and legal industries. Although Worldox was not made with the legal Industry specifically in mind, it was a trusted document management option for law firms. Thus, considering that these quality document management software have merged, the ultimate product should drastically enhance your firm’s work and productivity, befitting the requirements of any complex industry. 

We hope this article helped you in choosing the perfect document management software for your firm. 

Ready to streamline your document management process and say goodbye to the clutter and stress of paper-based document management? Look no further than Matrix’s user friendly and secure Document Management System. Contact us to book your free consultation today!

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