First Worldox GX4 Installation in Australia

1st Jun 2015


We are excited to announce the first Worldox GX4 installation in Australia. Worldox GX4 is the latest release of this award winning document management software. Worldox is the best way to find, use and profit from your information.

Bethshan Ministries operates in the highly sensitive area of aged care. This means that the Bethshan network stores private information relating to the resident’s health, dietary requirements and other personal data. This data needs to be stored securely and made accessible to approved staff. The previous solution of network security and management was not providing the document control, audit trail and security features required by Bethshan. Key documents were saved in various locations with little or no structure.

“We looked at a number of document management solutions” says Lindsay Slater – Accountant, “Worldox stood out due to its comprehensive feature set and value for money. We wanted a solution that saved all data including emails to a single location and made all that material text searchable.”

During the implementation of Worldox the data structure was redesigned, all data was text indexed and new security and version control protocols were implemented.

“With the release of Worldox GX4 Document Management the team at World is focusing on ease of use and mobility. We have assisted Bethshan Ministries for many years with the administration of their network. The installation of Worldox builds on the existing relationship and assists Bethshan with meeting their legislative and contractual obligations” comments Anthony Ridley-Smith – Managing Director – Matrix Solutions.

About Bethshan Ministries

Bethshan Ministries has provided aged care and nursing home facilities since 1970. With a vision of “Care with Compassion” the work of Bethshan continues to grow and with new facilities opening in 2015 will be providing 134 aged car places. For information about Bethshan Ministries see

About Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions provides tailored hosted desktop and network management solutions to professional firms. In addition, the company specialises in installation and support of Worldox Document Management software. Matrix Solutions hosts the BigHand Professional product in our Sydney datacentre. For more information about Matrix Solutions visit us at