Every company needs a DMS!

16th Apr 2015

I become very passionate when I discuss Document Management Systems (DMS) with our clients. The reason is simple. I have seen the enormous benefits of implementing a DMS in a company. Conversely, I have seen the major inefficiencies in companies that operate without a DMS.

I implemented a DMS at Matrix Solutions 18 years ago and it has been a major contributor to the way our team works together without paper – no physical files, little or no paper on desks, no filing cabinets or shelves.

So here are my key reasons for using a DMS in the work environment.

  1. Provides a consistent, structured approach to filing and locating all digital documents. How the data will be stored has been thought though. Using this structure is not voluntary. This eliminates the errors inherit in manual systems.
  2. Provides a single location for all digital data – documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, faxes, emails, images. Stops users from operating their mailbox as a private filing system and locking up important company information.
  3. Provides a system for rapid retrieval of data by methods such as favourite folders, filters, text searching and Boolean searching across all data types.
  4. Provides security features such as securing documents and folders, creating security user group, ethical walls, version control and audit trails.

A well implemented DMS will pay for itself in the first year. I say this with great confidence having studied numerous firms and the increase in user productivity due to quickly finding documents. Not to mention the savings associated with moving to paperless systems.

Want to implement a Document Management System?

Ask me how.

Anthony Ridley- Smith


About Matrix Solutions


Matrix Solutions provides tailored hosted desktop and network management solutions to professional firms. In addition, the company specialises in installation and support of Worldox Document Management software. For more information about Matrix Solutions visit us at www.matrixsolutions.com.au.