Digital Dictation & Capturing File Notes

1st Apr 2015

In recent weeks I have been helping clients with digital dictation. For many users, digital dictation is nothing more than a replacement for old tape based equipment that is falling apart. I wanted to point out some of the benefits I see when clients move to a more sophisticated digital dictation system.

Job Management – in the better dictation systems, authors and administrators can view all typing jobs for the firm, they can allocate and reprioritise jobs as well as archive dictation material. Typists can access jobs from remote locations easily.

Stability – one of our major help desk areas is dealing with instability in the simple systems. Server based, enterprise grade systems are stable and require very little help desk support.

Workflow & Integration – the more sophisticated systems allow authors to use multiple queues e.g. important typing jobs go to an experienced typist, general jobs to a typing pool, instructions to their admin assistant and file notes to speech recognition.

Speech Recognition – when appropriate, speech recognition provides efficiency gains. One of the best applications is capturing file notes in a text searchable form. Authors can dictate file notes from court, from a taxi or at their desk knowing that the results will be 95% accurate.

On Premise vs Hosted – for many clients, choosing a hosted system means there is one less technology dependent on local server infrastructure. This can result in cost savings, increased stability, security and flexibility.

There are a number of good systems. One I particularly like is BigHand

If you aren’t using server based digital dictation it is definitely worth a look.

Anthony Ridley- Smith

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