Bethshan Ministries

7th Aug 2012

Bethshan Ministries, an aged care facility located on NSW’s Central Coast, uses a Managed Services solution for its network. Bethshan required an IT partner that could easily provide remote administration and maintenance for their IT network.

Lindsay Slater, Accountant said, “We found we were mucking around a lot trying to keep up to date with Microsoft’s latest patch releases and then upgrading the servers accordingly. The Managed Services solution implemented by Matrix Solutions puts an end to all of that.”

Given the nature of their business, which itself needs to respond rapidly to client needs, Bethshan wanted to be sure that the IT partner they chose was highly responsive and quick to adapt to changing market requirements. They also wanted a service provider who did not just treat them as a number, but could deliver a reliable and personal service.

“There are a large number of partners we could choose from, but for Bethshan Ministries, Matrix Solutions stands out in terms of their technical expertise, breadth, and quality of the services and support they provide, and most importantly excellent value for money. Additionally we wanted a ‘personal’ service which Matrix Solutions has also demonstrated the ability to provide. We would recommend Matrix Solutions to any organisation seeking reliability, flexibility, responsiveness and a need to deliver IT solutions that meet their requirements.”