Meet the team

  • Anthony Ridley-Smith

    Anthony Ridley-Smith
    Managing Director

  • Georgina Ridley-Smith

    Georgina Ridley-Smith
    Financial Controller

  • Michael Stapleton
    Head of ITC Infrastructure

  • Zhou Zhou

    Zhou Zhou
    Project Manager

  • Aaina Gupta-Nigam

    Aaina Gupta-Nigam
    Service Delivery Manager

  • Dylan Redding

    Dylan Redding
    Senior Systems Engineer

  • Paul Clark

    Paul Clark
    Senior Application Specialist

  • Paolo Briones

    Paolo Briones
    Systems Engineer

  • William Buttel

    William Buttel
    Level 3 Technical Engineer

  • Andy Tang

    Andy Tang
    Level 2 Consultant

  • Jim Frecker
    Level 2 Consultant

  • Darren Frost
    Application Analyst

  • Patric Tolentino
    Level 1 Consultant

  • Sam Newsome

    Sam Newsome
    Level 1 Consultant

  • Sheshidar Jalla

    Sheshidar Jalla
    Level 1 Consultant

  • James McGrouther
    Level 1 Consultant

  • Meili Tjin

    Meili Tjin
    Office Administrator

  • anshee

    Anshee Raina
    Office Administrator

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